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Slick is a very handsome boy and loves to climb and explore. Slick is still learning about what makes being pet so great, he doesn't like to jump right into it and may even wait a few months before deciding to give it a try. He loves treats and catnip and those may be useful tools in building a relationship with him. Slick thinks cats are pretty great and would love to share a home with some that are laid back and very cat-social. Slick really likes his personal space and is hoping to find a home where there won't be many expectations of him to cuddle. He thinks higher places are awesome and often will sleep on a bed on top of the refrigerator in his room. Slick is thinking he would like a home where he can approach the people around him at his own pace, even if it takes a long time to choose that. During his stay here, he developed a strong friendship with a cat named Truitt and the two have become inseparable. He would be a good fit for any home where he can do his own thing and choose his own adventure with the help of his best friend Truitt.

*Slick and Truitt are best friends! They're looking for an owner who can promise to keep them together FUR-ever. You can adopt BOTH for only ONE FEE! *

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