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Cucumber Melon


7 years




12 pounds

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Cucumber Melon is a sweet girl, who loves to spend her days relaxing near the people she loves. She loves boxes, and will likely enjoy having lots of new places to explore and hide in! Cucumber Melon likes to get attention from her people, and will often be found near their feet purring loudly when she wants to show she cares! Cucumber Melon may take some time to acclimate to her new home and new people. She will need an adopter willing to give her plenty of time to settle in at her own pace. Cucumber Melon's foster parent says, "Cucumber Melon is a sweet and shy girl who will reliably meow at you to play with her when you get home from the day. She may not be the star of any lively parties anytime soon, but when the party guests go home and things settle down, Cucumber Melon will come out to snuggle up with you and be the adorable stress relief you need to wind down the evening. Her adorable little nose and her precious meow will steal your heart as the perfect low-key companion." Cucumber Melon would be a good fit for any quieter home!

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