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Are you looking for the absolute best snuggle buddy? Then look no further than our sweet girl Mattie! This sweetheart wants nothing more than to cuddle up with you, and she'll immediately let you know that she'd enjoy some attention. She lets out big purrs and insists on curling up on your chest when you're relaxing on the couch. Mattie has a playful side too, and she'd really enjoy having lots of toys to play with in her new home. Mattie would be a great fit for a home looking for an affectionate and cuddly cat!

Mattie came to IndyHumane with an unknown medical history. Shelter life is stressful for animals, especially cats, and can lead to illness. Mattie has had a hard time with upper respiratory infections. We believe these infections may have changed the structure of her nasal passages. Because of this, she has problems with frequent congestion and sneezing. Luckily, these do not seem to interfere with her appetite or interest in playing and interacting with people or other cats.

Mattie may, however, have problems with frequent respiratory infections and may require periodic vet visits and medication. It is also possible that she is developing a benign growth called a polyp. We have checked her for this type of growth and have found nothing, but it is possible she has a growth we can't see yet. If Mattie develops a polyp, it will need to be removed because it will interfere with her breathing and be uncomfortable. Mattie's new owner will need to be willing to be responsible for any future medical costs involved.

If you are interested in adopting this cat, please speak to your family veterinarian first to discuss what type of care is involved with owning a pet with chronic URI symptoms. If you have any additional questions, please also ask our adoption staff.

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