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Dee Dee


2 years




8 pounds

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Bernard Room

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DeeDee is a sweet little lady with a big heart. She thinks the best things take time and will happily accept the opportunity to sniff you before letting herself fall in love. Once you are in her heart, you are there forever. DeeDee loves lots of gentle attention and will even spin in circles to show you how happy she is. DeeDee would be a great fit for any calmer home where she can take her time to settle in.

**DeeDee has tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), which is a virus that affects the immune system. Cats with FeLV can live normal, happy lives, they may just have a shorter life expectancy than FeLV negative cats. Cats with FeLV should only reside in homes with other FeLV positive cats or be a single cat in the home.**

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