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4 years




67 pounds

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Hercules is a very sweet but timid boy who will do best in a quiet, low-traffic home without small children where he can get plenty of daily exercise and attention while he works on building some confidence. It will be very important that his adopters commit to keeping things ALL POSITIVE with him! Any sort of negative training (choke/prong/shock collars, Cesar Milan-style intimidation/force methods, harsh reprimands, raised voice, etc.) would be absolutely detrimental to his well-being and development. He can be nervous with new people at first, so his adopters will need to understand that they should take things slowly with him and allow him to go at his own pace so he can get comfortable. It is going to be very important that his adopter not force interaction and allow him to get comfortable and build a bond through lots of praise and treats. He could pair well with a social dog who will give him time and space to get comfortable.

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