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6 months




64 pounds

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Cooper and his littermates came to IndyHumane from a situation where they were not well socialized. They are working on becoming more confident about the world around them and have been making great progress. While Cooper is still very nervous with lots going on around him or in louder/busier environments, he is doing much better making friends with new people in quieter more easy going settings. He loves to be praised and once comfortable with someone he enjoys being petted. He's a typical pup and will start to show his energy once comfortable, so along with a lot of socialization, he will need someone who is ready for a large puppy who needs to learn his adult dog skills and get plenty of exercise. He is going to be large breed adult dog so adopter will need to be looking to share their home with a large dog. Adopter will need to have to the time and lifestyle to dedicate to socialization while he is still young, and must be committed to using only positive training methods. Cooper may pair with another social dog, but is probably a little too nervous to live with small children.

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