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I sure am cute, but I'm a ball of energy and natural instincts! I need to get my energy out and will want to perch up high, cuddle, scratch on a post, and would love a window with a view. Kittens will naturally pounce, wrestle, and play rough. But if you stick with me, we'll be best friends forever!

**This kitten tested positive for a disease called Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). That means this cat had particles of the virus found in their blood; however, it does not mean that this cat will develop the disease. Many cats test positive for a transient FeLV infection but never develop the disease. Kittens are more likely to have false positives than cats, so it is recommended to re-test this kitten in 2-3 months.

In general, FeLV is a contagious viral disease of cats that weakens and suppresses the immune system. It spreads through close contact such as mutual grooming and sharing food/water bowls and litterboxes. There are no specific signs of FeLV infection. Cats with FeLV disease have weaker immune systems so they are more prone to infections. Most cats with FeLV live normal lives, but their life span tends to be significantly shorter.**

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