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Purrdence Featherington


2 years




7 pounds

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Purrdence Featherington knows what she likes in life: all the finest things, of course! She enjoys napping in the sun, chasing feathery toys, getting lots of gentle petting, and most especially eating very tasty food. And to Purrdence, most food is pretty tasty. This petite girl is very food-motivated! Purrdence would be a great candidate for someone looking for a cat to clicker train: she loves treats, she is very confident, and she is very human social. She is currently working on her manners at IndyHumane: she is learning to settle on a mat for treats! Her adopters could benefit from continuing her training in the home as it will allow them to teach her "table manners"! Purrdence can tolerate living with other cats, but she would prefer if they gave her plenty of space and didn't come between her and a good petting or tasty snack! Purrdence would be a great fit for a home looking for a fun and interactive cat who can learn new tricks!

**Note to parents: Purrdence is learning that not all food should be hers. While she is learning this, she may do best in a home with adults and older children who can participate in teaching her appropriate manners.

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