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Louie is a big lover boy that would do just about anything for some attention! Louie absolutely adores people, and as soon as you sit down somewhere, he's right there ready for some lap time! He's quick to snuggle with whoever will let him, and he'll flop around for some pets while he's there! When Louie isn't being your cuddle buddy, he loves playing with his toys! He'd appreciate plenty around his new home to play with. Louie would be a good fit for any home where he can get some serious cuddle time in at all times!

Louie had a full medical evaluation and screening which have determined that he has a few conditions that are consistent with his advanced age. Despite these conditions, Louie is bright, active, and alert with a loving, welcoming personality. We have found that Louie has elevated liver enzymes and mild evidence of kidney disease. At this time, we are unsure of the source or cause of the elevated liver enzymes. Elevated liver enzymes can arise due to inflammatory diseases of the liver, neoplastic disease, pancreatitis or other conditions related to the gall bladder or bile flow within the liver. It appears that Louie has some sludge within his gall bladder and bile ducts. This is likely the cause of this increase, but is not causing him any issues at this time.

Louie has also been diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. At this time, Louie has not shown any significant signs of illness. The kidney disease was just an incidental finding during his geriatric screening along with his elevated liver enzymes Some cat's renal disease can be stable for months to years, thus providing supportive care and monitoring for changes is helpful in prolonging the stable state.

Signs of kidney disease can include increased water intake and urine production, thus kitties with kidney disease may need their litter boxes cleaned more frequently. Vomiting, weight loss, and anemia also can be seen in animals with kidney disease.
Pets with kidney disease should have bloodwork performed through the regular veterinarian regularly, especially if there are weight loss or appetite changes. Therapies tailored to pets with kidney disease can include prescription diets, periodic fluid administration intravenously or under the skin, anti-vomiting medications, and other oral medications to improve kidney function.

This cat will need a very special owner that will be attentive to their medical needs. This pet has not exhibited any signs of illness related to liver disease or kidney disease during its time here. When adopted, your regular veterinarian will likely want to repeat bloodwork twice a year to check liver enzyme levels for monitoring or perhaps even want to schedule an abdominal ultrasound. Louie's new owners would be responsible for any further medical care concerning this condition.

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