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13 years




10 pounds

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Kitty is a very sweet and calm older man who wants all of the attention and scratches from you! He'll let you know eagerly when he's wanting some petting and stare at you with his big, adorable eyes! Kitty would love for his new family to spend lots of time curled up with him giving him all the scratches he desires. He's a great couch buddy, and he'll always be by your side giving you some company! Kitty's foster parent says, "Kitty is a gentle old soul who just loves to do his own thing while he's around you. He doesn't groom himself well, so we brush him every other day, especially his tail. Kitty purrs so loud when he's content just cuddling with you, it melts my heart! He will sometimes jump onto our chests as we are laying in bed and will happily go to sleep!" While Kitty could tolerate other cats around, he seemed stressed when they're nearby. Kitty would be a good fit for most homes where he won't have to compete with other kitties for his adopter's attention.

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