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With her curly whiskers and spunky personality, Lesley knows she deserves to be the queen of her home! She can be the sweetest girl, too, and she's looking for a family to love her! Just like a celebrity, Lesley wants to "vet" everyone first by thoroughly sniffing them! If you pass the sniff test, Lesley will graciously accept attention from you! She really enjoys gentle chin scratches and will sit in your lap for as long as you're willing to pet her. Lesley isn't just a sedate lap cat: she will chase feathery wand toys that her people make dance and fly for her until she's exhausted! Lesley can mistake hands for toys sometimes, so her adopter should always use toys when playing with her. Lesley isn't a fan of sharing your affection or her toys with other cats; she can tolerate other cats who will let her have top billing in all things, though. And once she's had some loving and playtime, Lesley will happily curl up on her favorite bed. Lesley would be a good fit for most homes where she can be the star kitty!

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