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14 years




6 pounds

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Felicia is a very friendly, very people-social cat who is looking for a home where she can have lots of happy times! Things that make Felicia happy are having conversations with her people, talking to her people, talking to herself, and just talking in general. Felicia is a very chatty cat. She also enjoys playing with her people with interactive toys! Felicia is very playful! Her final favorite is another activity she can share with you: napping! Sometimes Felicia will nap by herself; often she wants cuddling with her person. Felicia loves people so much that she would not be happy to share her human with another cat! One of Felicia's former foster parents reported, "She is an absolutely wonderful cat!!! She absolutely loves to cuddle which is so fun for both of us. She is one of the most easy going cats I've ever had an experience with. Even with claws, she has only ever used the scratching board I got her. She wants to be active during the night. Many times she likes to wander around the living room at night and let out loud meows." Felicia would be a good fit for most homes where she can be the only kitty and where her loud conversations won't disturb her people!

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