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Monte and Mylee are a pair of very sweet, affectionate cats that take a little more patience and understanding than most. This gentle duo take some time to come out of their shells, so they're looking for a dedicated adopter who will help them acclimate to their new home and make them feel comfortable from the start. Monte and Mylee appreciate having some hiding spots to help them feel safe, but they're happy to come out and visit once they start feeling social. They both enjoy getting some treats, so food may be the best way to their hearts! Monte in particular loves to play with toys and adores batting around jingle balls!

Monte and Mylee's foster parent says, "Monte has overcome his initial shyness and now spends his time in the main areas of my apartment. He loves getting attention and I'm waiting to see if he'll become a lap cat. He plays with toys, and I think his favorites are those that jingle or make other noise. He enjoys his pets and will regularly seek them out, but is also content to simply be in the same room as us . He does still get overwhelmed at loud or new things and finds comfort in his hiding locations, including the bathroom where we still have base camp. Mylee is still very shy and spends the daylight hours hiding under a blanket in her bed in the basecamp. When we go to visit with her, she LOVES her pets and will peek out to seek more attention. However, she does still become very overwhelmed and readily retreats to her bed when she wants to hide. At night, typically before we've gone to bed, she will start to venture out of the bathroom to explore and even play with her brother! She will occasionally come closer to me while she's out, looking for attention, but is too overwhelmed to actually approach. Baby steps!"
Monte and Mylee are looking for a calm and quiet home without too much going on so they can be the happiest kitties!

*Monte and Mylee are best friends! They're looking for an owner who can promise to keep them together FUR-ever. You can adopt BOTH for only ONE FEE! *

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