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St. Nick

Age: 8 years 5 months
Sex: Male
Weight: 10 pounds
Adoption Fee: Zero Fee
Color: Black/Brown
Neutered: Yes
Location: Kramer Suite
Animal ID: 46464822
St. Nick
St. Nick is the sweetest boy that loves getting gentle attention. His favorite thing is getting some gentle pets. He'd prefer head scratches over anything, please! St Nick also gives HUGE purrs and little licks to tell you just how happy he really is! St. Nick is happy to lay with you for all the scratches. St. Nick can sometimes get a little over excited and give you some love nips, too. St. Nick also has an adorable playful side, and he'd really appreciate some fun feather toys! St. Nick would be a good fit for a quiet and relaxed home where he can get gentle scratches. St. Nick loves to hog all of your attention, so he might be happiest in a home without other kitties. However, he could coexist in a home with a cat who will let him have the spotlight!

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