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October 3rd, 2015

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October 6th, 2015

Join us to share memories about your pet with pet lovers who have had similar experiences.

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Happy Tails

Chloe the Boxer mix

February 8th, 2011

With help from IndyHumane’s medical team, Chloe’s up and running again and has found happiness and her forever home. Not even losing a limb could slow her down!

Dear Humane Society of Indianapolis,

We adopted Chloe (formerly known as Lilly) Thanksgiving weekend in 2009, and she has fit into our family as if she was the missing link that we needed in order to feel complete.

Chloe is a tripod, but she barely notices the lack of her fourth leg! Though she takes wider turns, she runs a faster straight line than her brother Jake.

She adores her older brother and has even become pals with the cat (both adopted).

When she came home she did not know how to navigate the stairs. We carried her for the first month, then one day she just "did it" and mastered the process instantly!

Chloe's fantastic nature and curiosity is amazing, considering the rough start she had in life. She is such a happy dog; her silly enthusiasm will make anyone smile!

We can't thank you enough for rescuing her and providing the excellent surgery she needed to survive. Chloe is such an enormous part of our lives; we are so lucky to have her with us.

Warm Wishes,

Stephanie, Keith, Jake, Chloe and Bella

IndyHumane typically invests $600 - $800 in every dog and cat who enters our shelter, though for animals like Chloe, the cost of care can be substantially more. Your charitable contribution will help save the life of an animal like Chloe.

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chole seems like just a wonderful dog!!  i have recently gotten my cat, Riley from the indianoplis shelter!! i love her very much!! my dog and her get along just fine!!


By justine adams on 2011 03 28

chloe seems like an extremely strong hearted dog that has a wonderful personality

By drake crafton on 2011 04 27


By Ryleigh on 2011 06 30

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September 21st, 2015

My boyfriend and I found this goofy girl chewing on her bed at IndyHumane just over a year ago and decided that she should come home and chew on our things. Her name was Hubble, but she didn’t know that, so she very quickly became Lucy— or Goose, as she is affectionately known around here.

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September 14th, 2015

My family has been fostering for HSI for years now and we love it. Last summer we received 3 sick kittens that we nursed back to health. One of them, however, almost didn't make it; she had to receive ‘round-the-clock care and lots of love to help her pull through.

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September 8th, 2015

I, Tinkerbell, have been living with my family now for 16 weeks! I came from an animal shelter where I lived with 15 other cats. Since adoption, I have taken very nicely to the role of being the princess of the household!

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