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7929 Michigan Road
Indianapolis, IN


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Monday 1pm - 7pm
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Sunday 11am - 4pm
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Pet Behavior Programs

At IndyHumane we are committed to the animals we adopt out for all of their lives. If you ever have an issue with the cat or dog you adopted from IndyHumane, we are here to help. Sometimes problems arise, and it can be difficult to know how to fix them. Behavioral issues often lead a family to decide to rehome their pet. Regardless of whether or not your cat or dog originally came from IndyHumane – if your pet is driving you crazy or causing family members distress, we can help!

Cat photoCats

Does your cat bite, have litter box issues, scratch, or not get along with other animals in your home? Thinking about having kids and wondering how to introduce your cat to the new baby?

It’s our goal to help keep cats in their homes by providing as much help as possible! Please contact our Feline Programs team at



Dog photoDogs

Does your dog need help learning to greet new people or other dogs, crate training, or house breaking? Our behavior team can provide information to help keep your dog in their home. Please contact our Canine Behavior Team at

This service is for behavior issues only, we do not currently offer training classes at our facility. Our Behavior Team is also unable to provide medical advice. If your pet has a medical emergency, please contact your veterinarian.

Adoption Hours

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