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Lost & Found Assistance

Lost your cat or dog, or found a stray?

Check below to see if your lost pet is currently at the Humane Society of Indianapolis or with a Good Samaritan who reported the found pet to us; pets reported to us as lost are also shown at the bottom of the page.

For more help, contact Indianapolis Animal Care & Control and download tips on how to find your lost pet and tips on what to do if you find a stray, lost cat or dog.

If you need to surrender your pet, please make an appointment.

If you’ve found a stray dog or cat, please take it to Animal Care and Control or call us. Due to space constraints, it’s not always possible for us to take in stray animals.

Per Indianapolis City-County General Ordinance No. 531-731, stray animals will be held a minimum of four days. IndyHumane is a holding/transfer facility for stray animals, and it is possible that they will be transferred to Animal Care & Control, who may assess fines.

After the minimum stray hold of four days from the intake date listed, a stray animal will be given medical and behavior exams and may then be sent to a foster home, breed rescue, or made available for adoption.

  • Found animals below were reported to us by Good Samaritans. These animals are not in IndyHumane’s care.
  • Stray animals below are at the Humane Society of Indianapolis.
  • If no contact info is listed on the animal’s description, contact us for more information at 872.5650 x0 or
  • If you believe one of the animals below marked “Animal in Custody” is your lost pet, please bring proof of ownership (vet or purchase records, picture of the animal with you, and/or microchip information) to the shelter during regular business hours.

Owners of found animals will pay $5 per day for boarding costs when they come to IndyHumane to reclaim their pet. There will also be an additional fee of $10 for a microchip so that the pet has permanent identification if it doesn’t already. Owners will also be required to pay for any vaccines, tests or treatments provided to their pet while in IndyHumane custody. IndyHumane reserves the right to transfer animals to Indianapolis Animal Care & Control for reclaiming by owners.

IndyHumane and most veterinarians offer free microchip scanning. If you have found an animal, we can scan for a microchip at our facility at no charge.

Stray Animals at the Humane Society of Indianapolis

Lost Pets

The pets below were reported as “lost” by their families. Please contact the Humane Society of Indianapolis if you have information on their whereabouts.

If you’ve lost your pet cat or dog, contact us at 872.5650 x0 or with information about your pet, where they were lost, and ideally, a picture. Photos can increase the odds you’ll soon be reunited. Download tips on how to find your lost pet and tips on what to do if you find a stray, lost cat or dog. Check the links at the bottom of this page, too.


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