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Dog Training

Convenient, flexible, and fits the needs of both you and your canine companion

Buy training packages that fit your budget, then come to training when it fits your schedule. Just click on the calendar below to see when classes are offered. All training packages begin with the free orientation class that will explain how we train at IndyHumane and walk you through the process. If this training isn't for you, the free hour session will send you home with some good basic dog behavior and training tips for your time. Once you attend an orientation you can start training immediately. You do not need an appointment to attend an orientation, just look at the schedule and find an orientation time that fits your schedule. Orientations are for humans only, not dogs. Need more information about the classes, just click on the calendar listings.

Two levels are offered

Foundation classes are for dogs five months and older. You only learn the behaviors you want your dog to have. We put together a plan for your dog and work on that plan throughout your training session.

Puppy is for pups 8 weeks to 5 months old. We will work on basic obedience skills, socialize with other puppies, and learn how to have fun at the vet or the groomer. This class is perfect if your puppy is biting your kids, chewing up the furniture, or just isn't learning to potty outside. We work on the skills you want at a pace that fits you and your puppy.

Learn to Speak Dog

IndyHumane's free Orientation session goes over dog body language and discusses how dogs communicate. Even if you aren't interested in signing up for classes at IndyHumane, the Orientation will help you better understand your dog and how your dog communicates. It is a great class to bring the entire family to as we go over how children should interact with dogs. This is a class for humans only, no dogs. No need to sign up, just look at the calendar and attend an Orientation session that is convenient for you.

Have a question? Email Connie Swaim or call 317-872-5650, ext. 135. 

Explore canine training further by reading Connie's blog.


No need to schedule an appointment, just show up for any orientation class. For dates, visit the IndyHumane Dog Training Calendar.

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Orientation: FREE (humans only, no dogs)

Puppy Membership:

4 sessions (six weeks to use): $120

6 sessions (8 weeks to use): $165

8 sessions (10 weeks to use): $200

Foundation membership

4 sessions (six weeks to use): $120

6 sessions (8 weeks to use): $165

8 sessions (10 weeks to use): $200

12 sessions (14 weeks to use) $280