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Dog Profile


0 months old

  • Animal ID number: 36035173
  • Color: Bronze/
  • Location: Canine Treatment Ward
  • Intake Date: 2017-07-26 10:20:00
  • Adoption Price: $0.00

Lola is also a one year old dog from the Extra Mile Crew. She loves having toys - her favorites are the ones with squeakers inside them! Lola also enjoys snuggling in her blankets.

Lola needs spay surgery and vaccinations, as well as dental work and a heartworm test. She needs heartworm prevention, intestinal deworming, and flea and tick prevention.

Update: Lola will now come out of her kennel and wander around, playing bowing at all the other Extra Mile dogs. She still isn't very brave about directly approaching people, but she will come up from behind to give you a good sniff! She also will play bow through the kennel front with people and show off her toys. She hasn't yet made it outside as she still isn't comfortable walking on a leash. Her favorite other dog in the group seems to be Stephanie (they say hello through the kennel front). Her feet are the most splayed out of the group - most likely from standing on a grated surface for extended periods of time.

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