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Dog Profile


Korean Jindo/Mix
5 years old

  • Animal ID number: 35976897
  • Color: White/
  • Neutered
  • Location: Evaluation Dogs Large
  • Intake Date: 2017-07-19 16:00:00
  • Adoption Price: $0.00

Meet Milo! Milo is one of the most adventurous in our Extra Mile Crew. Milo is approximately 3 years old. Desperately in need of some TLC, Milo has received his first brushing in a long time, and he met it with enthusiasm! Milo loves being petted, leaning into your hand to encourage you to keep petting. He is also a willing walker, enjoying his time outside in the grass and on the trails.

Milo's favorite snack is squeeze cheese! He isn't sure if he likes peanut butter as much as he likes squeeze cheese.

He has some scarring on his face and he is missing part of one ear. Milo needs a dental with several extractions, neuter surgery, and additional vaccinations. He also needs a heartworm test and heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, and medicine to eliminate intestinal worms.

Update: Milo has been a rock star! He has completed his medical assessment including neuter, and he is scheduled to completed a full behavioral assessment shortly. He is currently in an area where our Advanced Canine Companion volunteers can take him for walks, and Milo has been doing very well exploring and making sure to mark everything as his! His face is unusually expressive! Milo pays close attention when someone has food. We've even commented that he gets "disappointed" if someone walks by his kennel and doesn't stop to give him a treat!

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